Janaki Overseas the best recruiting agency

Janaki Overseas has redefined the process of global recruitment to a predictably accurate process with defined parameters for matching job skills of potential candidates with the job profiles of international companies. We as an overseas placement agency provide international jobs for skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled workers with various corporate giants in the Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, U. A. E, Bahrain, Kuwait, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific countries.


Overseas recruitment Process

Janaki Overseas follows a well defined process and method. As an International recruitment agency, we cater to the needs of diverse industries like Construction, Hospitality, Engineering, Medical services, Oil & Gas, Shipping and so on. International companies normally issue a demand letter detailing job spaces, letter of authority empowering source to act as their recruitment consultants in Nepal and to deal with visa and other procedures. The overseas company also forwards a draft of employment agreement between the employer and employee. Janaki Overseas then initiates the process of calling for applications from candidates, shortlisting and then calling selected candidates for tests and oral interviews either by the employer or his authorised representative at suitable locations in Nepal. Janaki Overseas, the HR recruitment agency provides logistic support. Sometimes employers abroad delegate responsibilities to Janaki Overseas. As an overseas placement agency, we follow a defined process to ensure selection of only the perfect candidate matching the job profile. Industry experts in each field are called upon for interviews and tests jointly carried out with executives in HR Specialization at Janaki Overseas. As a manpower recruitment firm, Janaki Overseas also arranges medical checkup of selected candidates at authorised centres. This is followed by initiating the visa process with the Embassy of the country of the employer, followed by ticketing and emigration processes. Janaki Overseas also gives a basic orientation program for choosen candidates prior to leaving Nepal, informing them about labour laws of the country of employment, work environment in the company and other information.


Office Network:

We provide easy access to the best talents with a wide spread network of offices located in all the major cities of the country. While our Head office is located at Kathmandu, Nepal, we have our associate offices at NAFEA, Govt. of Nepal, Department of Foreign Employment. We also have international associates in neighboring countries like India and Bangladesh. Our wide spread network enables us reach out to the widest audience, meeting all the recruitment needs of any organization.

Our Work Process :

We pro actively tap the market for excellent candidates. Once the candidates have been identified, we conduct in-depth interviews with each individual, and obtain detailed information (on topics such as educational background, experience, job history, career goals, personality traits, compensation etc) .

Our Team and Infrastructure :

We are equipped with powerful integrated recruitment technologies and have a team of seasoned expert recruiters. We have all the latest facilities in the areas of communication, frequent transport etc, leading to expedition of the entire process. Additionally, all our recruiters have significant management experience. For most of the posts, they have "been there and seen it all". They understand the job requirement completely and appreciate that it is the human resource that the backbone of an organization's success.